Signs of Samhain

This afternoon, while out walking, I stumbled across a house that had put remarkable energy into making it spooky-wonderful for Samhain/Halloween.  The house, a beautifully maintained Old Portland from the first decade of the last century, looked better than I’d ever seen it look before.  Check out the chimney.

Not so many years ago I assembled some magnificent pumpkins and corn on my porch, but these deceased climbers have made my decorative efforts seem feeble.  There’s still time to come up with something deliciously witchy and worthwhile.  How’s your porch or doorway looking?

The hawthorn tree in my front garden is laden with berries, and they are suddenly a dusky orange color.  The leaves have begun to turn a bright yellow.

I live near an atmospheric old pioneer cemetery, and took a few photos as I walked through this afternoon in the chilly sunshine.  There are old gravestones literally being swallowed up by a huge old tree.  I wonder whether the coffins below are entangled in the roots.

Light your candles, invite the ancestors to your altar, and relish every day of this sacred season.

– Talasyn


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