I’m a transplanted New Englander, raised in a family that practiced both Gardnerian witchcraft and traditional witchcraft.  My training in earlier years was in a trad coven in the Boston suburbs, followed by working for many years in the Reclaiming Tradition.  I participated in witchcamps, and co-founded the Strand by Strand Collective to offer classes and public rituals in Portland in the 1990s and early 2000s.  I’ve taught witchcraft, geomancy, and seership, both individually and with others.

These days I identify as a Celtic ecstatic witch, a geomancer, and a seer. Some of my favorite things include sacred site travel in the UK and Ireland, and cultivating ritual relationships with some special, numinous sites close to my home in Portland.  I enjoy cartomancy, build and use labyrinths in ritual, experimenting with voice, chant and singing in ritual, and incorporating elements of ecstatic practice.  My skills reside in attunement to the powers and presences in the land, and working with the ancestors and the Sidhe.